H.M.C.S. Columbia

Jan. 1 - 12, 1964
In Halifax
Jan. 13-Mar. 25, 1964
Mediteranian Cruise
Jan. 13 - leaving Halifax
Jan. 14-15 - storm (Bad Weather)
Bermuda area:
Jan. 16-18 - sighted Bluenose II on the 16th and bad weather on the 18th
Jan. 19-21 - refuelled off Bonnie (exercise) on the 19th and bad weather on the 21st (lost a jeep)
Jan. 22-25 - anchored then refuelled in Bermuda then sailed for the Azores on the 25th
Azores area:
Jan. 26-31
USSR Sub search from 1800hrs on the 27th until 0200 on the 29th
Lost boat and a man overboard 0800-1400hrs on the 27th
Arrived, refuelled and sailed from the Azores on the 31st
Gibraltar area:
Feb. 1-4
On the 2nd, approx. 400 miles west of Gibraltar we sighted “TSMS Lakonia” lifeboat #24 and sank it with gunfire.
More lifeboats were sighted by other ships and sunk.
Sailed through the Gibraltar Strait on the 4th
Leghorn (Livorno, Italy):
Arrived in Leghorn (Livorno) on the 7th
Sailed for Gibraltar at 0900hrs on the 17th
Feb. 20 - arrived in Gibraltar 1400hrs
Feb. 21-23 - in dry-dock for hull repairs
Feb. 24-27 - sailed on the 24th for exercise “Magic Lantern” in the Med.
Feb. 28 - returned to Gibraltar 0700hrs for the weekend
Mar. 2 - sailed at 0730hrs for exercise “MAGIC LANTERN” in the Mediteranian
Mar. 4 - returned to Gibraltar 0700hrs
Mar. 5 - sailed at 1700hrs for exercise “LANTEX” in the Atlantic
Lisbon (Lisboa, Portugal) area:
Mar. 6-16
Exercise “LANTEX” in the Atlantic, bad weather from the 9th to the 12th
Splice the main brace on the 12th
Bonnie detached on the 8th to pick up troops in Halifax for Cyprus
Mar. 12 - arrived in Lisbon at 1500hrs
Mar. 16 - sailed from Lisbon at 1630hrs with HMCS Restigouche being detached to escort Bonnie to Cyprus
Azores area:
Mar. 17 - arrived in the Azores at 0900hrs, refuelled and sailed for Halifax at 1600 hrs on the 19th
Mar. 25 - arrived Halifax, jetty 4, at 1100hrs - bad weather all the way
Mar. 26-Apr. 20, 1964
In Halifax
Apr. 21-29, 1964
At Sea
"LONG LOOK” exercise.
Sailed at 1530hrs on the 21st and returned to Halifax at 1930hrs on the 29th
Apr. 30-May 5, 1964
In Halifax
May 6-16, 1964
At Sea
“SILEX” exercise.
Sailed at 1400hrs on the 6th and returned to Halifax at 1000hrs on the 16th.
During this time we were in the Cabot Strait on the 13th and 14th
May 17-30, 1964
In Halifax
June 1-5, 1964
At Sea
“CASEX” exercise.
Sailed at 0830hrs on the 1st with mortar firing on the 3rd
returning to Halifax at 2000hrs on the 5th
June 6-10, 1964
In Halifax
June 11-19, 1964
At Sea: Boston, Mass.
Sailed at 0830hrs June 11 for Boston arriving at 1200hrs on the 14th.
Sailed at 0900hrs June 18 for Halifax arriving at 1800hrs on the 19th.
June 20-21, 1964
In Halifax
June 22-26, 1964
At Sea
Sailed at 0815hrs June 22nd and returned to Halifax at 1830hrs June 26th
June 22 – USSR sub hunt
June 23 – boat lost in fog 10hrs arrive in St. Margaret’s Bay 1800
June 24-25 - Fog. Anchored in St. Margaret’s Bay
June 26 – surface and AA shoot on the 19th.
June 27-28, 1964
In Halifax
June 29-July 8, 1964
At Sea
“NAVEX" exercise.
Sailed 0815 June 29 for work up with “HMCS Inch Arran 308”
June 30 - anchored in St. Margaret’s Bay 1830hrs
July 1 - sailed at 0545hrs for St. Johns Nfld.
July 2 - anchored in Nfld. Inlet 2030hrs
July 3 - up anchor 0600hrs
July 4 - arrive St. Johns 0800hrs
July 6 - sailed at 0815hrs for Halifax arriving 0930hrs on the 8th
July 9-19, 1964
In Halifax
July 10th - In Bedford Basin
July 20-Aug. 13, 1964
At Sea: Bermuda area/New York City
July 20 - sailed at 0830hrs
July 21 - stopped ship for swim with shark patrol 1600-1700hrs water 84 degrees
July 25 - arriving NOB Bermuda 1700hrs
July 26 - sailed 1330hrs Bermuda area
July 27 - stopped ship for swim 1450-1515hrs
July 28 - arriving St. Georges, Bermuda 0500hrs
July 29 - sailed 1230hrs Bermuda area returning to St. Georges
July 30 - in St. Georges, Bermuda
July 31 - sailed 0660hrs Bermuda area returning to NOB Bermuda
1400hrs Aug. 2
Aug. 3 - sailed 1330hrs for New York
Aug. 4 - 1900hrs ASW Screen for USS Wasp & USS Newport News
Aug. 5 - search for distressed sailing yacht found 1500hrs
& refueled at sea at 1900hrs
Aug. 6 - USS Wasp lost aircraft 1 of 4 saved ship detached 1800hrs
Aug. 7 - arriving New York 1530hrs
Aug. 11 - sailed at 0900hrs for Halifax arriving at 1330hrs Aug. 13th
Aug. 14-Dec. 12, 1964
In Halifax
Aug. 25 - At Sea from 0830 to 1500hrs
Aug. 26 - At Sea from 0830 to 1500hrs
Aug. 27 - At Sea from 0800 to 1400hrs arriving at Bedford Mag.
Aug. 28 to Nov. 16 - Ship in Halifax Shipyards for refit.

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