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To reduce the impact of substance abuse by helping people locate proper treatment. The data in this directory comes from Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator by SAMSHA. Feedback from user of their addiction treatment directory convinced us that we need to create a user friendly substance use disorder directory – Welcome to Drug Rehab USA.
Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Groups

Support groups for all types of addictions allow people to join together with others who share similar experiences, backgrounds, and struggles. Drug and alcohol substance abuse groups are helpful whether you are interested in a support group as a first step in your journey to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction or if you want to participate in a group to remain sober and help newer members.
End Your Addiction - Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Directory

DetoxRehabs.net was founded on one simple principle: connect individuals suffering from addiction, and their families, with the best detox and inpatient treatment program possible. Active addiction takes an incredible toll on the individual suffering and everyone around them. During a time of crisis, it’s critical to find a treatment program that will best suit the personal struggling’s individual needs.
The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Mountain Springs Recovery is an addiction recovery facility located in Colorado that provides a calming and relaxing environment. We value your peace and quiet and we acknowledge that these are necessary for anyone going through recovery. We give you a comfortable environment where you can begin to live your life again. Our extensive program focuses on making you healthy, giving you treatment, and assisting in your recovery.
Online PTSD Self-Test

What is PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often linked to images of military personnel amid war and combat. However, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder goes much further than battle and the difficulties of war. Take, for example, a story from P.K. Philips. Several traumas, including a childhood of physical, mental, sexual abuse and ultimately an attack at knifepoint, lead Philips to significant experiences
National USA Substance Abuse Treatment Directory and Information Hub

Mission: To reduce the impact of substance abuse by helping people locate proper addiction treatment and provide accurate recovery information.

JourneyPure At The River is committed to helping struggling addicts and alcoholics along with their families rebuild broken bonds and find common ground in healing. Our online family resource center is designed to provide valuable insight into how you can help your loved one before, during, and after addiction treatment.
Find The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Near You.

If you or a loved are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, get the help you need today. We will find a top-rated treatment program.
LA Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Resources

At Harmony Place, we feel it’s our duty to educate the general public about addiction and issues that are currently affecting American society. More than that, we want to educate the public on the state of drug and alcohol addiction in Los Angeles and how residents can get help from the right addiction treatment facility. Unfortunately, many residents of Los Angeles (LA) suffer from an alcohol or drug use disorder.
Alcohol Rehab Help.

What is Alcohol Use Disorder (Alcoholism)?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), also known as alcoholism, is a mental/physical craving and dependency on alcohol. Alcohol use disorder is not synonymous with binge drinking. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in 2019 over 14 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of AUD.
How to Prevent Alcoholism
Alcohol use disorder (AUD), commonly referred to as alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol abuse, is a devastating substance use disorder (SUD)..........

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) occurs when a person who drinks heavily stops drinking. It is the period before their bodies are “clean,” but they..........

Relapse Prevention

What is Relapse? Relapse is when someone begins using a substance again, after a period of sobriety. A trigger is something that causes a person to..........

Cocaine Health Effects

Overview: Cocaine Abuse and Effects. Cocaine is a drug derived from the coca leaf, which is native to South America. Dried coca leaves are ground up with..........

Cocaine Addiction & Treatment

What Is Cocaine? Cocaine, commonly referred to as coke, is an illegal stimulant drug that has extremely addictive properties. More specifically, it is classified as a CNS (central nervous system) stimulant..........

How to Heal Your Liver

The liver is the largest internal body organ. It is actively involved in breaking down and eliminating bodily waste products, including alcohol.
1. In fact, the liver breaks down more than 90 percent of consumed alcohol, with the rest being passed out through urine, sweat, or breath.
2. One alcoholic beverage takes around an hour to be processed in the body. With each drink, the time lengthens. The longer it takes for someone to metabolize alcohol, the greater their blood alcohol content will be after a few drinks.
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Find a Treatment Center Near You: Our online rehab directory gives individuals the opportunity to find..........

Female Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse

Learn more about substance abuse and domestic violence, the potential risk factors for domestic violence and how to get help..........

Our Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator

Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC, refers to the percentage of alcohol in a person's bloodstream, and can be measured within 30-70 minutes..........
Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Delphi Behavioral Health Group was formed to take on the mission of treating addiction at its core.
We believe that through personalized treatment in intimate settings, we can provide those suffering from substance abuse with the tools to start a journey of long-lasting recovery.
Barriers to Mental Health in the Minority and Middle Eastern Experience

Once an Arab woman taints her reputation, she cannot be redeemed. Those are the words I came to understand intimately in my childhood. The demands of purity and a good reputation still influence countless Middle Eastern women to hide their pain, mental illness, and need for assistance.
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