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How Do You Stop Teens from Vaping?

A Guide For Parents and Educators In 2020

"Reports of hundreds of reported cases of alleged vaping-related lung problems among mostly young people (with an average age of nineteen) since August 2019"
Better doesn’t mean good. Other than in a harm reduction sense, no one argues that vaping tobacco is good for you. In an absolute sense, just like any form of smoking or use of nicotine, vaping is bad for you. According to pulmonary medicine specialist MeiLan K. Han, “the lungs were not designed to breathe anything other than clean air. Anything other than that is a potential health risk.”

Finding the right addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one shouldn’t be difficult. Let TopRehabs connect you with the best treatment program for your needs.


Introduction: Drugs can affect children at all stages of development. A child can be affected before they are born, right after they are born, as young children, and as teenagers. Children can also be affected by parental drug use. This guide will discuss the impacts of drugs at each of these stages of development and how to get children the treatment they need.
How to Tell if Someone is Shooting Up

Signs of IV Drug Abuse:

Intravenous (IV) drugs are those injected directly into the body. While you might think that track marks will be easily visible on a friend’s or loved one’s arm, many people are able to hide the marks connected to substance abuse. Some people inject the skin between the toes and in other areas of the body that you can’t see.
Effects of Drug Addiction on Oral Health

How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Impacts Your Oral Health?

Drug addiction and abuse are global issues. Drug abuse refers to those who take illegal or legal substances, such as alcohol, excessively or in the wrong way. Users suffer from emotional, psychological, physical, behavioral, and nutritional issues. Damage to the liver, lungs, heart, and/or brain is also common. In addition, people who abuse drugs are more likely to develop serious oral health conditions.

Effects of Medications on Oral Health

How Can Medications Negatively Impact Your Oral Health?

Prescription and over-the-counter medications can negatively impact your general and oral health. In particular, common complications associated with everyday medications include irregular bleeding, changes in taste, soft-tissue reactions (sores), dry mouth, and enlarged gum tissue.

The word “addiction” brings to mind images from television of people doing questionable acts to pay for drugs. However, addiction doesn’t happen overnight. What starts as occasional use can turn into addiction without anyone noticing. But there are signs of developing alcohol or drug dependence that you can look out for. By recognizing signs of addiction, it’s possible to avoid this dangerous and sometimes fatal path. We’ll take a look at the common signs of addiction, the differences in the symptoms of addiction between men, women, and teens, as well as signs of addiction that are specific to certain substances.
Addiction & Mental Health Resources for First Responders

Emergency responders are the first professionals on the scene after an accident, a medical emergency or even a mass-casualty incident. The unique pressure of a first responder job can often take quite an emotional toll, and it is not uncommon for law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics to develop problems with drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. While admitting that they need help can be difficult for those who work in emergency services, obtaining treatment for addiction by enrolling in a rehab or recovery program might make a life-saving difference.

Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Parents

Being the parent of a child with a substance use disorder might be one of the biggest challenges in your life. If your child is a teenager or still lives at home, you might still have some control over their lives. But when they move out, it becomes more difficult than ever to get your child the help that they need.
Does Social Media Impact Substance Abuse?

We also recognize the similarities between social media use and substance abuse. In serious cases, social media can become an addiction itself. Understanding the similarities between social media overuse and other forms of behavioral addiction can be useful for anyone hoping to understand the link between social media and substance abuse.
Guiding You From Addiction to Recovery

Addiction Guide is designed to be a reliable source of information about addiction, from how it happens to how to overcome it. Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse, our mission is to lead you to a healthier, happier life.
DEPRESSION AND ADDICTION: Diagnosis, Signs, Types, and More

Depression and addiction are conditions that require immediate diagnosis and treatment by a health professional.
ARK Behavioral Health

Your Trusted Name In Addiction Treatment.
Ark Behavioral Health operates four addiction treatment facilities that use a whole-patient approach for your individual needs. Getting started is easy. Your recovery begins here.

Practicing Mindfulness In Addiction Recovery: A Step-By-Step Guide

Millions of individuals and families in the United States are affected by substance abuse and addiction in any given year. Recovering from addiction is not an easy or short journey.
Hope and Healing Start At Sana Lake

Recovery Together.Recovery For Life.
We believe in recovery for life. What does that mean? That means that at Sana Lake Recovery, we meet you where you’re at and stick with you for the long haul. No matter where your recovery journey takes you, you’ll always be a member for life.

We offer all levels of care whether you are looking for detox, residential drug rehab treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, relapse prevention, or one of our many treatment programs. The Discovery Institute provides around the clock care in the most effective environment available to support long-term recovery and sobriety.
Find Harmony in Your Life

Addiction Treatment At Harmony Ridge Recovery

When we formed Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in 2015, we envisioned a haven that would be a calming escape from the disease of addiction. That is exactly what it has become. Since our founding, we have recognized the need for evidence-based treatment programs that are created specifically for each client.
Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Oral Health

Alcohol abuse can negatively affect your entire body, including your mouth, teeth, and gums. Dry mouth, bad breath, oral cancer, tooth decay and erosion, and gum disease are some of the issues related to alcohol abuse. Alcohol inhibits your ability to make rational decisions and good choices, which can lead to poor oral hygiene habits, eating foods that are starchy and sugary, smoking, and potential trauma to the mouth and teeth. Alcoholic drinks are also often acidic or high in sugar and alcohol can lead to dehydration.
Drug Detox in Brandon, MS – Our Medical Detox Program

What is Medical Detox from Drugs or Alcohol?
Medical detox is an early step toward recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. It’s essential for anyone who has shown signs of psychological or physical dependence on a substance. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, a medical detox can help ensure that they have a healthier future. This is often necessary because withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be life-threatening in some situations.
Raising Alcoholism Awareness

Our goal is to raise awareness for alcoholism. As recovering alcoholics ourselves we know how hard it is to find reliable, and free resources to help yourself or a loved one. This website does just that. If you want to talk, getting help for alcoholism is only a phone call away. Our free alcohol abuse hotline is available 24/7.
Addictions in College

What They Are & How to Avoid Them.

College is, without a doubt, a life-changing experience. For many, it’s the first time they’re no longer surrounded by their family, and their parents can no longer control them. There is so much to learn, so many things to do, and countless decisions to make.
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