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When a person is living with a mental health concern and an addiction at the same time, they have a dual diagnosis. This category could be used to describe someone who has become depressed as a result of their alcohol use. It also applies to a person living with bipolar disorder who uses illegal drugs like heroin to self-medicate when they are experiencing a manic phase.

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With 23.5 million Americans (or 1 in 10 people over the age of 12) suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol, addiction and sleep have a close relationship. It is common for people with addictions to have sleep disorders and for people to use substances like drugs and alcohol to treat their sleep problems, which oftentimes results in addiction.
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Postpartum Depression Guide
The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) defines PPD as a mood disorder that sometimes appears in women after giving birth. Additionally, they say that this disorder typically comes feelings of “extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion,” sometimes to the point where everyday activities are difficult to complete.
A Lost Generation: Opioids and Young Adults
Our guide for young adults dealing with the current opioid epidemic in the US. The guide is a downloadable PDF that can be save and printed for guidance.

2018 Guide: The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Addiction In Adulthood
There is a clear and distinct correlation between child trauma and drug and alcohol addiction. The traumatic incidents that we experience in our childhood very easily can, and often do, wind up following us into maturity creating a variety of long-term mental health issues that may causes us to self-medicate through excessive drinking or drug abuse. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that more than a third of adolescents with a report of abuse or neglect will have a substance use disorder before they reach their 18th birthday.